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About Us

Our Story

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.

When we started our business journey in the year 1994, there was hunger to provide the very best to our family and do something great to the society at large. We were not stars, we were not influential, we did not have much money, all our efforts went down without much success

When we were torn between constructive and destructive thoughts; We chose life, we chose bravery, we chose not to quit

From then on our journey took a beautiful flight

We coined our brand ‘alive’ made short kurtas and shirts that turned our stride, then we went on to make shoes and opened our online presence in Flipkart and Amazon marketplace.

To provide footwear at your doorstep via online, we have rebuilt and reconstructed our website with free shipping allover INDIA

We do know about shoes, we do know about giving you quality products at affordable prices. We know someday we shall be able to reach many of you by doing business right way, bringing you fashion, quoting right prices and offering you genuine discounts.

We are doing business to gain some profits but not at the cost of cheap products or misleading prices. We do not want to inflate our MRP and give steep discounts to grab your attention.

Right product... Right Prices... For a Happy You and We!

Our burning desire...

With the part of money we earn from this store, we shall provide footwear to those children who can’t afford one. We know the pain and anxiety when a child walks without Footwear.

Choose Life, Choose Compassion

Khan Mart

Online Footwear Store

Wish to become your Favored Store

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